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Trinity of Stability

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The Trinity of Stability Research Network brings a group of researchers from universities and central banks together to study monetary, financial and fiscal stability and the interactions among monetary, financial, and fiscal stabilization policies. The network involves the Federal Reserve Bank of New York, the Bundesbank, the Swedish Riksbank and the Bank of Canada. The network will also draw on researchers from other central banks and from a variety of academic institutions. 

More specifically, the aim is to develop a suite of theoretical models that shed light on how the trinity of aggregate policies jointly determine macroeconomic outcomes, and then to use time series data to estimate or calibrate the models to deliver quantitative predictions.  Only by studying the trio jointly can we understand their interactions, accurately interpret data, and ultimately arrive at policy conclusions. The network shall pursue the two prongs of teaching and research to achieve this objective. The teaching prong exposes a wide range of established and developing researches to the variety of tools, analytical approaches and empirical techniques being used to study the trinity of policies.  A research prong encourages and nurtures frontier research that focuses on a common set of questions with the goals of publishing the output in professional outlets and bringing fresh research insights to policy makers.

The 2015 Trinity of Stability Conference took place on November 6-7, 2015 at the Bendheim Center for Finance